Sound Barrier

“We are dedicated to the development of quality, affordable, and reliable audio equipment for our dealers and end users to use with confidence.”

The Sound of Experience

Established in 1972, based in Miami, Florida, Sound Barrier is an international manufacturer of professional audio equipment. Comprised of a team of designers and engineers, Sound Barrier has long been a staple of the international audio community. What began as a small company manufacturing and selling car audio products in Latin America, Sound Barrier has evolved into one of the most trusted and reputable international brands by competing directly with historically proven brands in the Pro Audio industry. We pride ourselves on our products quality and reliability. What sets us apart is our superior customer service. We understand our company’s livelihood depends on our customers and many customers rely on our products for their livelihood. We strive to provide support as quickly and as efficiently possible.

The Art of Controlled Sound

The art of controlled sound and the development of audio technologies are both a science and an art form. Merging both during loudspeaker design requires proficient technical skill and passionate creativity. Sound Barrier’s controlled sound and performance products are designed with the technical expertise and creativity necessary to compete in any market. As a result, Sound Barrier has emerged to become one the market leaders in technology and design of high performance professional audio products.

Passion & Innovation

Sound Barrier’s knowledge, passion, and longevity in the audio industry are the keys to its success and growth in this highly competitive industry. From R & D to production and distribution, our global network guarantees a cost effective production and superb customer service. When developing our products, it is vital for us to be able to offer innovative, reliable and affordable products that meets and exceeds the highest demands of every audio professional. High investments into R&D enable us to fulfill the demands of our customers and innovative ideas allow us to keep up with the constantly evolving audio industry.
Quality Control

Sound Barrier’s quality control and product testing is second to none in the industry. From the purchase of raw materials to fabrication to packaging, Sound Barrier can guarantee great quality and reliability. We are certain that we can offer you one of the best products on the market. See, feel, and listen for yourself!