An Innovative Concept

LightShark is a cross-platform lighting control system, with up to 8 DMX universes, which has an ultrafast web-based User Interface, being able to connect up to 3 devices at the same time to create your own multiscreen control system. Thanks to this concept, LightShark features a plug & play solution, avoiding the inconvenience of having to install any software or driver on a computer. A web browser is all you need to have complete access to the software, no matter the Operative System (iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS).

Manufactured by WorkPro the Lightshark series is imported and distributed in the USA by Blizzard Lighting. If you are and existing dealer you can already order the phenomenal console by sending us a purchase order we do not represent the rest of the Blizzard Line only the Lightshark/WorkPro products. If you would like to locate a dealer to purchase or become a dealer please contact us.

Here are the links for Lightshark specifications and info.


Here are the link for Blizzard Paperwork to become a Blizzard dealer