EDC Acoustics

EDC Acoustics Inc. is operated by a board of directors with more than 50 years of combined experience. EDC Acoustics Inc is the sole licensee to manufacture EDC Acoustics loudspeakers in the United States, and is currently in the process of establishing a sales representative network to service the entire United States. International regions are expanding, with European and Australian representation already established.

Custom Pattern Control.

The Plane Array™ loudspeaker system from EDC Acoustics has a unique scaling feature allowing 2-Dimensional arrays of any size to act as a single acoustic point source with variable horizontal and vertical pattern control, whilst providing coherent summation across the entire audio bandwidth. Specialized algorithms allow for full bandwidth power to every transducer, allowing for concert level Sound Pressure Levels whilst retaining acoustic audio quality similar to the characteristics of a studio monitor.

With the latest patented scientific research, patented audio algorithms, advanced software control, high end digital signal processing and circuitry –
EDC Acoustics’ products are setting a new standard.

Laser Range Finder.

LRF Scan technology allows for the automatic optimization of an EDC Acoustics Plane Array™ loudspeaker system, by laser scanning a real world environment and automatically determining the perfect 3-Dimensional acoustic wave front to best match the space.
EDC Acoustics specializes in high-end professional audio product design and manufacture: directed at touring, rental, installation, commercial and live sound environments. All our products are designed to the highest standard of quality and reliability.