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David Roberts

 36 years of experience in the media  industry, functioning in roles as Product Manager, Consultant, Technical Writer and Trainer, Manufacturer’s Representative, Engineer, Performer, BMI/ASCAP Writer, Producer/Director and Service Manager. 

Owner of  “The Roberts Group” in the early 80’s represented such prestigious lines as Amek, B.C.Rich, Paul Reed Smith, Hiwatt, Avalites, Ursa Major and ETA Lighting to name a few. In the mid-late 80’s owned a Group of businesses TRG Light & Sound, TRG Video Productions and Bizzare Guitar + Rentals. 

    During his 10 year tenure with Scott Studios, David was instrumental in growing Scott Studios from 1,200 stations to over 3,500, David oversaw the development of broadcast automation systems software and designed the MediaNav range of products.

    In past years David has worked in a wide range of capacities within the media industry. Owner of Electric Aero Modeling USA  David was a pioneer in electric R/C Aircraft a manufacturer and re seller of R/C Aircraft eventually doing work with NASA Dryden and DARPA for advanced UAVs.  In 2008, David was in Kabul, Afghanistan fulfilling the training needs of ERTV under a consulting contract with UNESCO/UNDP.

In 2010&2011 David was the Resident Television Technical Adviser for Internews based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He traveled many provinces doing training, site assessments, design and installations of radio/television stations.  He also worked with several Afghan Government agencies including the Aghan parliament to upgrade  infrastructure while mentoring indigenous technical personnel. 

DX2 Broadcast came alive in 2009 a partnership between David Gerety and David Roberts building on their experiences while at Scott Studios. David Roberts was Senior VP and David Gerety was VP of Sales. They were a very successful team taking Scott Studios to the top of the industry. The partnership at DX2 continued through 2014

Debbie Irene Ide

 Debbie Irene Ide is a Texas native, born in Corpus Christi, to a musical and military family.

Her life experience includes radio broadcasting, stage lighting & sound, theater, dance, as well as vocal recording and performance.  

    At the age of 17 she entered college in Vernon Texas where she received a national award for Acting Excellence from the American Theatre Association.

    Debbie had a strong interest in communications and was voted president of the Broadcast Club by her peers. She managed and broadcast local college radio/video programs for herself and other members of the club.

    After graduating from Central Texas University with concentration in Music and Art, Debbie lived in Austin for a short time before moving to Dallas where she currently resides.

    She continued on in the broadcast and entertainment field as a traffic broadcaster for Traffic Patrol and then Metro Networks which was eventually bought out by Westwood One, then Clear Channel.

    Debbie spent some time just as a lighting tech and follow spot operator just outside the Austin area and in Dallas, frequently at the historic Bronco Bowl Arena.

    After singing and acting for several years in the 300 seat dinner theater of Medieval Inn, Debbie formed and sang lead vocals in her own all female rock band “Skin Deep” that performed in Deep Ellum, Dallas.

     Debbie was a feature dancer in the rock group Warrant’s “Stronger Now” video and was the featured vocalist on award winning New Age projects by composer Jonathan Still.

    Her most recent musical passion has been in acoustic duet projects performing in the Dallas area.

    Debbie is also an accomplished massage therapist, having been personally educated by Erica Miller, author of “Day Spa Operations” and “Day Spa Techniques”.

Debbie has participated in the inception and success of some of Dallas’ most prestigious spas such as Grand Spa International and Exhale Mind Body Spa,.

Debbie Joined Dx2 Broadcast in 2017